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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Good Merchant Service Provider It is true that seventy percent of all Americans have a credit card. The truth is that with the increase in credit card usage, there is a need to provide credit card processing services, which are responsible for handling all electronic merchant payments. Credit card processing services are also called merchant services. Card processing activities involve the following: obtaining sales information from the seller, receiving permission to authorize the transaction, collection of money from the bank that funds the credit card and sending payments to the merchant. It is true that there are many card-processing companies and choosing the right one for a business can be hectic. One of the factors that one needs to consider is the fees involved and any additional costs. It is a known fact that credit card companies can charge processing fees of up to 5% on all earnings. There are still companies that can offer the same services and charge a lower percentage. There are also various fees that are involved in card processing, which include: interchange fees, monthly statement fees and minimum monthly fee. Interchange fees are charged for every transaction made and the merchant service company pays it to the bank. The rate paid is influenced by other factors such as: type of card used, the frequency and size of each and the transaction mode. Physical transactions at the store attract small fees since the card is present and there is a lower likelihood of fraud. Another unknown fact is that some credit companies also charge monthly statement fees, usually about ten dollars, to cover the expenses of sending statements. Another cost a business is likely to incur is called the minimum monthly fee, which is is the amount that processing companies should at least collect from a business. One of the surprising facts is that if this fee is not reached the merchant service provider charges the company the extra amount to arrive at the minimum fee.
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Time taken to set up the merchant account is also another key consideration. Another key consideration for a business owner is knowing how long setting up the account and installing the equipment will take so that they can plan accordingly. Sometimes the setting up process is too technical for the business to do and the business owner needs to verify if the merchant company can provide the technical skills.
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Another key factor to consider is payment types accepted since customers can various card types such as debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, prepaid cards and electronic benefit transfer cards. A merchant service company that accepts all of these methods is a good option because it means that the company will not turn away customers due to payment modes. Customer service experience that a merchant services company give its customers is also another consideration. Businesses that offer 24/7 customer support service and direct help from an account representative are a good choice because they can sort out any issue the company is facing as fast as possible. When these issues are factored into choosing a merchants service provider then the business can make a good decision.

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Guide in Choosing the Right Business Images for Magazines Images are the best factor that can increase the readability of a story because they carry the essence of the story so you need to choose the one for you. However, choosing the right images for your article is not an easy task. Particularly if your article is about businesses or any business-related topic, you are really in trouble in choosing the right business images for you. Daily topics are usually written in a business-based magazine. Also, a lot of issues about management are involved in business magazines. Considering the topics for each article, it may be a very hard task for a writer to choose the right business images for his magazine. In some scenarios, the right business image you chose will not fit in your space criterion because of its size. With that being said, this article will guide in choosing the right business images for your magazine. The very first thing you need to do is to research. In order for you to have a hassle-free and time-saving research, use the internet for your research. However, most editors and writers tend to search images in any other search engines. Because of that, they end up choosing inappropriate images. To avoid this, explore and discover all and other photos in the image gallery of every search engines, don’t limit your research. A lot of stock images are yet to come like diversity images, multicultural images, medical images, lifestyle images sports photography, technology images, travel images, food pictures, small business photos and business images. Thus, you need to expand your search with these. It will help you find the right stock images with an affordable price.
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The second thing you need to is to choose the right stock image for your business. Consider the main theme of your article. Usually, images are segregated to different segments. Hence, visitors will easily choose the right business images for their magazines.
A Beginners Guide To Services
Also, you need to check the quality of the stock image once you chose it. Sometimes, images need to be cropped due to some space limitation. With this, you need to check the quality of the image so that it will not have any problem when you crop it. The last thing you need to do is buy the best stock images you want. There are many customer friendly websites that help you buy easily your selected business images. Those websites also give royalty-free stock images so you do not need to worry about it. If you are having a hard time picking and choosing the best stock photos for your article before, now, you do not need to worry about it because there are many online websites who offer great stock images.

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Getting the Best Out of Renting a Roll Off Container for Your Trash When you are looking to purchase a roll off container, then there will be a lot of things that you will have to be concerned about so as to assure that you will not mess up with anything else, which, in this article, we have included items that you should be asking prior to investing on one of which. So that you can assure that you will land on the right roll off container, the need to take time in your research and being aware of what to take note of and what not will have to be taken into careful consideration. The things that we will be talking about in this article are what you should incorporate into your search since these are addressed to help people like you to effectively find the best roll off containers for your needs. If you really are looking to land on the best roll off containers, then see to it that you will make use of the things that we will be discussing along in this article. When you are to choose a roll off container, it is very important that you will know the type of trash that you will want to get rid of because keep in mind that not every roll off container rental company throws whatever trash you have or whatever trash you want to get rid of. The main reason why it really pays to make sure that you will first check and see whether or not the roll off containers is permitted is very important because if there are cases that it somehow is not permitted, then making the right arrangements will be needed.
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Yet another important thing that you will also have to be concerned about just before you decide to rent roll off containers is the fact that you should know how much trash you will want to get rid of because the roll off containers will then depend on the size of rubbish you want to throw off. On the other hand, if you are having concerns with the entire size of the rubbish that you will want to have gotten rid of, then it will always be a smart move to make sure that you will go for a larger container as this should make sure that you will have everything removed in one go as opposed to just going for what you think is approximate the trash you have.
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If you are to go for an approximate size and found that you need a larger one, then you will most likely end up having to pay for overflow charges. Another thing that you will also have to be concerned about is if you will be needing a permit for such rent or not.

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Some Things You Should Know Regarding Orthotics When you have just heard orthotics, then you must know that these are shoe inserts that are designed for your feet. The custom orthotics are also available which are made based on the person’s foot shape, structural problem shoe size or the foot problem. Who must use the orthotics? The shoe inserts need to be used for several conditions. The custom products can be used for correcting flat feet, correcting spurs, foot pain, help minimize the discomfort that are caused by plantar fasciitis and also to help in stabilizing the spine. There are those patients who want to save money by buying off-the-shelf orthotics. Such kind of shoe inserts differ from cork and silicone sole inserts to the rubber heel cups or silicone heel cups. The orthotics which you can buy in the store are convenient since they can be bought in the shoe stores or the department stores and they don’t demand the patient to wait in a laboratory in order to custom-make the sole inserts. But, it is not recommended that you purchase an orthotic device without a physician’s advice or a chiropractor’s advice. The off-the-shelf options become more customized every year but they are still really generic so that they can be beneficial for the average person who has a foot or spine problem. These devices are great for an average foot with a particular shoe size. But, there are many people who have asymmetrical feet or those who need custom-fitted orthotics so that they can really experience that real relief.
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Also, you should be reminded that ill-fitted orthotics can result to more problems. Such can also give the wrong kind of support or provide support in the wrong area of your foot. This can make health problems worse which include worsening the problems with the spine and feet.
Why Treatments Aren’t As Bad As You Think
A physician or chiropractor can also fit you for custom inserts. They may get your foot measurements and also images and they are going to send them to the orthotics lab so that they can customize the creation of the shoe inserts you need for your health condition or food size. After the measurements are sent to the orthotics lab, you need to wait for a few days or weeks before you receive the custom orthotics. The chiropractor or physician may suggest that you buy a variety of orthotic device from the department store while waiting for the customized one. You may use this for the meantime. Custom shoe inserts have various shapes, construction and material types. This is because of the reason that such device is made for the health condition and size and shape of the feet of the person. The chiropractor or physician may know if you require the orthotic device.

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Online Money Making Tips There is always a need for money in the world of today. To be able to get enough food and live a comfortable life, people have to look for work. It is in rare cases that you will find an individual with employment who doesn’t want extra cash. To earn enough, people tend to work both at night and day or in given hours. It is possible to make money online over a short period of time. The growth of the home based workers over time is directly proportional to the development in the telecommunication technology. The use of you tube has been on the rise over the past few years. Among other uses of You Tube in promoting artistes and given products. People have started to make good money on you tube. Making money on You Tube is such an easy process. It is important to have a You Tube channel. But an account comes before this. The channel operates on the basis of one account for one channel. Make a good name for your account. The name is important in either building or bringing your channel down. A good video should then be added to the channel. The last content should never be better than the one you are currently uploading. To increase your viewers, be persistent in adding videos. Make an improvement in the quality of the videos you add to your account. Next is to look for a proper audience to react to your videos.
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Now your videos need to be monetized. By clicking on the monetization tab while uploading a video and then checking on ads you are monetizing your videos. The process is very essential as it generalizes on how money can be made on You Tube. If you had already posted your video, you can go to the video you want to monetize it. Then open the video manager and after clicking the $ sign go through the same process of checking and monetizing ads. The ads that come before your video will be watched by a number of your subscribers.
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After all this, you will need a google AdSense account which you will have to create. It is simple to create as you just need to open the site and sign up after filling your information. The site doesn’t register persons below the age of 18years. Also a PayPal account or a national bank account and a registered mailing address will be necessary. The rest of the work is to ensure that your audience are entertained and given reasons to stay which totally lies on your shoulder. There are a number of other ways to make money online apart from You Tube. Through online writing, this is inclusive of writing, editing and proofreading. Travel agencies also have means of making money online. Bearing the fact that web designers are not needed in person, then they can easily make money online. Online jobs are becoming more popular today.

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Benefits of Having Screened Enclosures Having a screened porch gives your home a lot of advantages which will be shown below. Sometimes it helps to know the benefits you get of having a screened porch before we finally get convinced that it is better than having our porch open to the environment. Here are some of the reasons why it is most beneficial to have a screened porch than an open one. The outdoors is full of insects and bugs, and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to be without them. It has been the frustration of some who want so much to enjoy the outdoors to be swarmed by different insects and bugs that come out during the day and night. With a screened porch you can enjoy your afternoon outdoors without being disturbed by the insects and bugs. Your family can spend the afternoon in an enclosed porch playing games, eating dinner, or simply hanging around and spending quality time together. It can be fun having family activities in an enclosed porch.
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You can also invite friends and family over to have a great afternoon outdoors in your enclosed porch. An enclosed porch is an inviting and cozy place to spend meaningful afternoons with your close friends in a small get together.
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An enclosed porch is an ideal place to be alone to take a nap or to read a good book where no one can disturb you. An enclosed porch is private enough to spend hours a day when you want to have a quiet time and you can use this porch as a sleeping porch every time you want to take a nap during the afternoons. If you have children and the outdoor weather is not so great, you can let them play in the enclosed porch. Since it is still outdoors, children can still enjoy playing great games there while unable to go out of the house. You will have a great looking home which people can admire if your porch is enclosed and if it is home value we are talking about, it will definitely add value to your home. This will be very helpful if you plan on selling your home in the future. These are just some of the benefits that you can have if your porch is enclosed, and this gives you a reason why this is very popular with many people of today. It is now time to make your own decision if you are going to have your porch enclosed or not. If you have your porch enclosed, you will be assured of many enjoyable afternoons there with your whole family.

The First Time Business Buyer – Using a Leverage Buyout

Business Buyers come in all sizes and shapes. There can corporate buyers, individual buyers, partner buyers, management buyers and most commonly first time buyers. First time buyers don’t usually know what kind of business they are looking for nor how to go about the process of finding, evaluating, negotiating and closing a purchase of a business.

Assuming the buyer knows himself and knows what kind of career and salary he is looking for, an efficient determination of the type of business he should target can be a quick decision. But it isn’t as simple as picking a storefront, a gas station or a restaurant. True entrepreneurs that can handle long days and constant micro-management may well be suited to the smallest of small businesses to buy.

But a major segment of business buyers cannot see themselves running local main street businesses. I sure couldn’t when I started out buying businesses. So what is it we are looking for in a business?

The next level up from main street is what I call a “real” business or one with enough staff and sales to take care of itself should any one employee leave or otherwise become unavailable. In effect, can the business “run itself” without the owner being involved? If the answer is yes then it is not only a real business but it can be classified other ways, such as an investment, or absentee business, or even my favorite term, leveraged buyout or LBO.

An LBO is simply a buyout that uses financing of any sort based on the strength of the balance sheet and asset base. It can include one form of financing or many, and use lenders, investors and the seller. This puts many main street and service businesses out of that category as they have no strength in their balance sheets. But if a business can be bought using an LBO structure then this by itself would qualify the business as a viable candidate for most small business buyers to consider. Indeed it may be easier for the business buyer to complete and LBO on a slightly larger company than try to scrape up money for a smaller one without the benefit of any financing.

To provide some real world examples on this framework, I would establish a reasonable sales and profit range of a typical LBO candidate that would be a level up from main street but well underneath the radar of larger buyers and private equity. This range could be in the $2 Million plus in sales and $250,000 plus in profits range which is arguable the minimum size of a leveraged buyout.

This lowest range includes the largest universe of businesses to buy without dipping into a business size which is too small to allow the buyer to breathe or too weak to be financed. The perfect LBO candidate will have enough assets retained in the business to approximately cover the down payment for the purchase. This is when the buyer will know the deal is the right size.

At the other end of the spectrum, companies with well over $1.0 Million if profits will be typically out of reach for the first time buyer since the deal will likely require a lot of invested capital. There is, however, a sweet spot at the lower end where small buyers can do some quick math and determine that the capital needed for the deal won’t break their budget.

As first time buyers go through a buyout or two the deal size can easily change. They may well be able to get to the next level and be able to structure larger buyouts and raise substantial amounts of capital to complete subsequent deals.

Rockwell Marsh has been a banker and private equity partner, is the CEO of The Small Business Buyer at, Managing Partner of Signal Hill Holdings, LLC and teaches how to do leveraged buyouts on small companies. He has purchased and financed numerous acquisition transactions over a 25 year period. For more information on how to buy small businesses using leveraged buyouts click here for the How To Buy A Business Free Course.

The Role of Internet in Business

The internet plays a major role in every aspect of our modern life. Internet technologies play a major role in business. As a business owner, knowing the role of internet in business will help you take advantage of the powerful opportunities it offers to grow you business and make operations more effective.

Here are different ways in which the internet has contributed to the success and growth of businesses.

Communication: The internet makes communication fast and cost efficient. Businesses use internet technologies such as Skype internet and video calls, email and video conferencing to make communication virtually instant.

Growth: The internet plays a big role in the growth of businesses. It gives businesses an opportunity to reach a wider global audience. Promoting through the internet is also a way to increase sales and reach the desired growth level. Business can also expand by having an online division.

Marketing: One of the role of internet in business involves marketing and advertising. Most businesses are taking advantage of the internet to market their products and services to a global audience. The most notable internet technologies here include search engines such as Google.

Networking and Recruiting: Social networking websites play a role in business networking by connecting like-minded professionals. Through the internet, people have found business partners and great employees.

Outsourcing services:The internet has helped cut costs by outsourcing services to countries where it is cheaper to provide these services. Apart from the cost reduction through the outsourcing role of internet in business, outsourcing enables businesses to concentrate on their core services and become more efficient.

Online Shopping Role: One role of internet in business is the birth of ecommerce websites and online payment solutions that allow people to shop online from the comfort of their own homes.

New Opportunities: The internet has opened up new business opportunities and giving rise to a group of successful online business owners. This is a powerful role as anyone can now start an online business.

The role of internet in business cannot be overstated. New businesses are taking advantage of the powerful role the internet plays in business to grow and succeed at a faster rate than was previously possible. Traditional businesses are also not being left behind as they are creating online divisions. A business owner can only ignore the role the internet plays in business at the peril of his or her business.

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